Do we need Electrolytes?

Do we need Electrolytes?

In short, Yes our body needs Electrolytes.

They are molecules that are critical to both your body's hydration levels and cellular function. Given their direct relationship with the body’s muscle and brain functioning, many people increase their intake of electrolytes when working out or playing sports.

Active Hydration

One essential function of electrolytes is conducting electrical signals throughout the body. Every cell in the human body operates via electricity. The ability for cells to properly send and receive electrical currents is vital to health, function and well-being. It allows your heart, muscles and brain to work their best.

You can get electrolytes through both the foods you eat as well as electrolyte-containing beverages. Eating a well-balanced diet can help provide the electrolytes you typically need for good health. However, if you're sweating a lot from intense exercise or spending time in hot weather, you likely need to increase your fluid and electrolyte intake with a hydration beverage such as ViDrate Enhanced Hydration sachets. These sachets are scientifically formulated and added to water, the drinks can help reduce the risk of mild to moderate dehydration. 

Electrolytes are a vital part of a person’s chemical makeup. An imbalance can affect the way the body works and lead to a range of symptoms. For example, if a person feels faint after a workout, an electrolyte imbalance could be one reason.

Consuming electrolytes during or after intense exercise and other periods of profuse sweating can help preserve the balance. Be sure to stay hydrated at all times. Anyone with concerns should contact a healthcare professional.


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