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Product Name: Guava Boost (contains Caffeine) with added vitamins
Product Details: Hydration sachets containing 90mg Caffeine.  Packs 8 - 60 Packs.
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Product Description: 

Guava is back and with a bang! Guava offers a revitalising aroma with mouth-watering natural flavourings...and with 90mg of caffeine.

For comparison, 90mg is a little more caffeine than you would find in popular Energy Drinks. Guava Boost is perfect to give you that 'boost' of energy you sometimes need before exercising or if you just need a helpful energy kick in the afternoon.

Our Boost drink range contains: ZERO SUGAR, made from natural ingredients, comes with added vitamins & electrolytes.

Guava BOOST - 90mg (10mg more than the worlds best seller in Energy Drinks)
Mixed Berry BOOST - 30mg 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Slavica Ristich
Natural wake up perfect for night shift

Guava boss certainly didn’t disappoint!
Met the owner & his daughter at an expo and instantly fell in love with the vidrate flavours!
I night a sample box which the guava boat came in and tried it just as I was beginning my night shift and boy!! I was awake from 7pm - 1pm the following day after my shift! Haha

It tastes awesome too! So I bought a 20pk so I’m equipped for when I want a boost of mental focus and clarity and energy without the jitters or anxious feeling. It’s great! 10/10
You’ve got a repeat customer 🤗


Love the taste and the ease of adding in the extra hydration throughout my day.