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Mixed Berry BOOST

Mixed Berry BOOST

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Product Name: Mixed Berry BOOST with added vitamins
Product Details: Hydration sachets containing 30mg Caffeine.  Packs 8 - 60 Packs.
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Product Description: 

Perfect for when you need a mid-afternoon booster to keep you going! ViDrate Boost contains 30mg of caffeine and still is made from natural ingredients and contains zero sugar. It is currently available in Mixed Berry... New flavours coming soon...

 Key Boost Facts:

- Contains 30mg of Caffeine
- Added electrolytes + vitamin B5 & Vitamin B6
- Zero sugar and NO artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives
- Mix with 500-700ml of water

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Customer Reviews

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These ready to go sachets are just perfect! All that's needed is to fill up my water bottle, pour in the powder, shake it up and off I go! They taste phenomenal, too, with the extra benefits.