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60 Pack NIGHT TIME & BOOST Bundle

60 Pack NIGHT TIME & BOOST Bundle

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Product Info: Select from our special Night Time & BOOST Bundle range

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Product Description:

Now you can choose the ultimate BOOST / Night Time bundle of your choice.
Want to improve your sleep? Night Time is designed to be mixed with 300ml of water and our customers love to drink it HOT. Our Night Time sachets contain L-Theanine, 5-HTP, magnesium, added electrolytes and contains zero sugar. We recommend taking Night Time 60 minutes before bed with 300-500ml of water. Everything you need to relax the brain and muscles to allow you to drift off into a blissful sleep.

Our Energy drink (Boost) comes with 30mg (Mixed Berry) or 90mg (Guava) of Caffeine + B5 & B6. Our Boost version offers a revitalising aroma with mouth-watering natural flavourings, combined with the caffeine we sometimes need to help get us through the day.

For comparison,
 90mg is approx 10mg more caffeine than you would find in the worlds leading Energy Drink!

Our Night Time & Boost drinks range contains zero sugar, made from natural ingredients plus comes with added vitamins & electrolytes. Select your best pack choices below. 

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Customer Reviews

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David McNabb
Vidrate all day!

Love the service - always above and beyond!
great product, small packets punch well above their weight - was worried about weak drinks but has never been an issue! 5 stars every day of the week!